At the age of 5 weeks, Nate took to the friendly skies. Destination: Tampa, Fla. From there we went west to beautiful Clearwater Beach. We enjoyed fun in the sun, introducing Nate to lots of family, and the beautiful beach wedding of Nate’s Uncle Dave to Aunt Erica. He seemed to enjoy both the flight down and on the way home. We may have a Navy pilot in the making.

The Plane

No pre-flight jitters here

Nate got to ride with Aunt Faffy

He even had his own seat!

Nate's friend Sophie La Girafe made the trip too!


If you listen closely you will hear Nate’s first word which coincidentally just happens to be “oh”!!!!  I’m not really sure where he learned it but i’m proud of the little guy.  Who would’ve thought? Just five weeks old and our little genius is already talking….

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Please forgive me for the lack of updates over the past couple weeks.  We’ve been very busy getting settled in and I’ve been back to work now for a couple weeks now.  It’s crazy how time flies and even crazier to think that four weeks ago Monday we were on our way to the hospital.

Over the past several weeks a lot has happened and one of the highlights was Nate’s first baseball game when he was 13 days old.  When I say highlights there were quite a few of them in the first inning.  We got to see 10 runs cross the plate (four of them courtesy of a grand slam) and all of that in the first inning with no outs.   Unfortunately the Nationals were on the short end of those runs.   Well it could have been a lot worse.  We could have gone to an O’s game…..  Below are some pics from the ballgame.

Me with dad in front of National's Park

Mommy bundled me up because it was cool and windy!

She put socks on my hands because I don't have any mittens.

I had a great time with my mom and dad.

Early Monday morning we set off for Georgetown Hospital not knowing entirely sure what to expect.   Actually I’m speaking for myself when I say “what to expect” as I’m pretty sure that Molly had a good idea for what may lay ahead.   The only thing I was 100% certain about was that the next time I started the car for our journey home the car seat in the back would no longer be empty and our lives would be forever changed.  Well, today is Friday and and what a ride the last four days have been.  I for one, have a new found appreciation for all women that have ever experienced childbirth as well as the doctors and nurses that take care of those women.   Molly just so happens to fall into both categories so that makes her even more special to me after spending this life changing experience with her.

Below are some pictures of the three of us setting out on our journey home and beginning our new life together.

Nate with some of the great staff at Georgetown.

Getting into the car for our journey home.

A stork was waiting for us when we arrived home.

We planted this tree for Nate.

Nana giving mom a much needed break!


Last night was pretty rough but mommy takes such good care of me.

After a long grueling day and even though he would have preferred to stay inside his mommy for a little bit longer he was able to tough it out long enough to not have to witness Duke basking in it’s championship glory.   Nathan William was born last night at 11:28PM and followed in his fathers footsteps weighing in at a meager 8lbs 14ozs and 21″ long.   Nate already appears to be quite the charmer and has stolen a few hearts on L&D and he’s very excited to meet all of his new friends, especially those Tobin girls…

One of the first pics of the three of us.

Introducing Nathan William Southworth

Although his throwing arm may be small, there appears to be great potential.

Nate with both sets of grandparents.

What a way to ring in our first two weeks in our new home.   Molly has been busy priming and painting the nursery today where as i’ve found myself attempting to keep our driveway clear and battling the blizzard with a shovel since I got home from work yesterday .  It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a snow storm like this one and am very thrilled to see the snow is finally beginning to taper off.

Below are a few pics of our from our weekend.

Molly rolling on some primer

Kind of looks yellow in this pic but it’s actually green

Here it looks green

Tree out back

Nearly 20″ and still coming down


Front yard (if you look closely you can see a house in there)

Front Porch

Thats it for now, I’ve gotta go shovel some more snow.

-Tim and Molly

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