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I was surprised to get a call from Molly regarding a huge “fowl” prowling around our backyard.  I figured that it was probably a large hawk or a turkey vulture but wasn’t expecting a turkey.  Here are two of the better pictures she was able to capture out of our living room window.




Nate made some huge strides in the pool tonight which were big enough to warrant a blog update.  As you can tell from the video, he has one proud mommy.

We took Nate to the tennis courts the other day and he had a blast. He can’t wait to go for a bike ride with his grandpa when he comes to visit…

Nate and Drew

Best Buds for life!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 months since we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world.   On Sunday, Nate hit the 5 month mark and we celebrated the big day by introducing him to rice cereal for the first time.   Even though his mother was reluctant to get on board with my hypothesis that a little solid food would help him sleep better, she finally succumbed and we decided Monday would be the day.  Well,  Nate had other plans and validated the fact that his mother knows best.   Nate was up several times throughout the night and it was quite possibly one of his worst nights in recent memory.  Perhaps he was eager for more cereal so I decided to give it another shot tonight.   Below are some pictures of Nate enjoying his meal.  Stay tuned….. I’ll try to post a video soon.

Bring on the Cereal!!

I can feed myself mommy!!!

I still prefer my hand

I've had enough

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in pjs! We are sad to see him outgrowing some already.

puppy pjs

monkey pjs

monkey pjs

Don’t you just want to snuggle him?!?!

Just like Mommy. What could be cuter? We are thrilled with this new talent as Nate will not take a paci but LOVES to suck.

Nate got some beach time, most of which he slept through. He made 3 trips to the beach but go no Vitamin D, thanks to the tent we brought that blocks UV rays. He also didn’t get any swimming time in, but we’ll make up for that on the next trip to Clearwater Beach.

He wasn't having it.

The closest he got to the water

Take 2 was a little more successful.

He loves sleeping in his carseat and we had his fan right on him

On the beach in his finest duds

Sleeping through Dave and Erica's wedding

Anyone who’s met Nate can’t deny that he looks just like his daddy!

At the age of 5 weeks, Nate took to the friendly skies. Destination: Tampa, Fla. From there we went west to beautiful Clearwater Beach. We enjoyed fun in the sun, introducing Nate to lots of family, and the beautiful beach wedding of Nate’s Uncle Dave to Aunt Erica. He seemed to enjoy both the flight down and on the way home. We may have a Navy pilot in the making.

The Plane

No pre-flight jitters here

Nate got to ride with Aunt Faffy

He even had his own seat!

Nate's friend Sophie La Girafe made the trip too!